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Sierrah Massey L.M.T

Meet the Therapist

 Hello, I'm Sierrah Massey and the owner and operator of Elevated Ease, LLC.  I completed my training at Healing Mountain Massage School in Orem Utah in 2023-2024. 


I am dedicated to providing you with a safe, calming and rejuvenating experience that will address your individual needs and help you along your healing journey. I practice massage daily, and highly value continuing education. I use several different techniques from various modalities to help clients reduce stress and anxiety, increase circulation, create greater range of motion, encourage muscle tension relief, boost exercise performance, and improve sleep.


In my massage practice, I embody the concept of sacred reciprocity, known as Ayni in the Andean mountain communities. Being in service to others not only aids my client in their recovery and daily life but also brings me closer to my divine purpose. As I facilitate healing and activate the parasympathetic nervous system in my clients, I too experience healing and restoration. There's a reflexive effect at play, where the act of doing good for others nourishes my own well-being, allowing me to operate from a place of balance and fulfillment. It's a profound exchange where both parties benefit, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and harmony.

Please keep in mind that Elevated Ease is a safe space for both clients and myself. The highest standards and professionalism are always practiced. Any inappropriate comments or illegal requests will result in ending sessions without the option to reschedule or refund. 

Elevated Ease

Elevate your mind, body, and soul

Why Naturopathy

Why Massage Therapy?

So many benefits!

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  • Promotes deep relaxation and stress reduction.

  • Provides more focused state of awareness.

  • Reduces metal tension makes for calmer mind.

  • Increases ability to identify and adapt to stressors.

  • Greater capacity for clearer thinking

  • Satisfying the need for nurturing touch

  • Promotes feeling of general well-being.

  • Reduces anxiety and depression.

  • Increases body/mind/spirit connection.

  • Heightens greater body awareness to sensations

  • Provides appreciated response to touch.

  • Eases relaxation and release of anxiety.

  • Natural and safe expression of love and compassion.

  • Feels great!

Physical Benefit/Effect

  • Promotes deeper, easier breathing as abdominal muscles relax.

  • Improves muscle tone and prevents or delay atrophy resulting from forced inactivity.

  • Improves circulation of synovial fluid and nutrients to joints and helps break down harmful deposits, which in turn lessens pain, inflammation and swelling of joints.

Injury Recovery

Massage therapy is an effective way to promote healing and recovery from injuries.

Flower in ice.

Both Physical and Reflexive Benefits/ Effects

  • Reduces high blood pressure as massage produces calming effect.

  • Increases peristalsis of the intestines--promoting bowel elimination.

  • Stimulates the release of endorphins--the body's natural pain killers--into the brain and central nervous system.

  • Awakens neural receptors in skin and muscles increasing awareness in areas cut off by chronic tension patterns.

Overall Well-being

Massage therapy can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. We can create a customized massage experience that addresses your individual needs and helps you feel your best.


"My Thai yoga massage with Sierrah was sooo relaxing, I felt more relaxed after that than a normal massage! She felt sureof her hands and what they were doing. You are such a wonderful massage therapist, and you have the BEST energy!! Thank you!!!!"

— Randi

Let's get in touch



Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions before you book your session.

Hours of Operation

Thurs - Sat : 9:00am - 9:00pm

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